Williamson County Astronomy Club

Williamson County Astronomy Club Private Observing Outings

For many amateur astronomers, the hobby centers around actually seeing the many objects we read about.  The very thrill of visual astronomy is what attracts many to the hobby in the first place.  There are so many things to see and do in observational astronomy that no one need become bored with having seen or done it all. 

Please note that all club private observing events must now adhere to current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. The number of attendees may be limited at the discretion of the property owner and social distancing  and mask requirements will apply.

Outing Dates and Times:

Outings are usually held on the weekends closest to Third Quarter or New Moon phases. Members should arrive before dusk so as to avoid having their car lights interfere with others who may already be observing.

The dates and locations for monthly outings will be discussed and finalized during the monthly meetings. That information will also be posted in the private Club Star Party Dates / Planning section of the Williamson County Astronomy Club Discussion Forum.

Observing Locations:

Georgetown Observing Conditions

Mansfield Dam Observing Conditions

Watson / Joppa Observatory Conditions

Wasat Star Observing Conditions

Kemp Lake Observing Conditions

Canyon of the Eagles Observing Conditions

X-Bar Ranch (Eldorado, Texas) Observing Conditions